Role of AI & Robotics in Industry & Business

Artificial intelligence will change how we view the world in this period in a variety of ways. Using intelligent automation and artificial intelligence, businesses may increase productivity and effectiveness, lower operational risks, and enhance customer engagement. In intelligence automation, we employ computer programmes or other technology that can carry out tasks autonomously. This seminar examines how artificial intelligence and automation are being used extensively to improve human life. Since 1930, people have started to believe in industrial robots. In 1954, the first manufacturing robot was used. Since robots have opened up new job chances in other areas while also granting some jobs in manufacturing.

Robots typically perform tasks like welding, painting, assembling, pick-and-place packing, labelling, etc. in the industrial sector. The session has been specifically designed for people who work in various industries as well as students who will eventually work in those fields. Business organisations will also benefit from looking at some of the newest technologies developing in these fields.

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