Robotics & The impact of robots on society

People are now aware of the unique benefits of using robots for medical reasons as a result of recent advances in medical robotic research. Robotic systems' ability to perform a variety of clinical and other medical tasks with high accuracy and repeatability, as well as their capacity to give doctors better visual feedback, are the key factors that have attracted so much attention to them. Robotics research and use in medical settings have increased as a result of their advantages and capabilities in clinical settings. As medical robotic technology has advanced, there are now more medical robots on the market and more of them are being used in actual clinical settings. Robots are anticipated to play significant roles in modern medical diagnostics, surgery, rehabilitation, drug delivery and other procedures in the future.

We currently live in the age of the intelligent machine. Robots now play a diverse and active part in our daily lives. It appears that the scientific mechanism is becoming a fact. Since there is good technology to oversee the functions of their home, robots are gradually approaching us. Within the next ten to fifteen years, there's a significant chance that robots will be working in the homes of regular people as technology continues to advance. The session's major topic of discussion is how robots become significant allies on our path and how they assist us in making positive changes in our lives.

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