Cloud Robotics

Advanced cloud technologies are the focus of the robotics subfield known as cloud robotics. Cloud robotics can be used to learn about cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies focused on the advantages of converged infrastructure and shared services for robots. Robots that are connected to the cloud can benefit from the advanced processing, storage, and communication capabilities of a cloud data centre that can handle and exchange data from numerous robots or agents. Through networks, humans can assign duties to robots remotely as well. These cloud computing technologies allow robot systems to be equipped with strong capabilities while also lowering costs. As a result, it is conceivable to develop cheaper, lighter, and smarter robots that are "brain-powered" by the cloud. 

For deep learning, information processing, environment modelling, communication support, etc., the brain in the cloud is crucial and responsible. Although there are many benefits of cloud computing for robots, the cloud is not a panacea for all robotic problems. Robot movement control that heavily relies on (real-time) sensors and controller feedback may not really benefit from the cloud. Real-time execution tasks necessitate onboard processing. High-latency replies or network issues can also cause cloud-based applications to lag or become unavailable. Robots that rely too heavily on the cloud could become "brainless" if the network experiences a problem

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