Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

The robots used for automation and simplification in the fields are called agricultural robots. These robots have the ability to monitor the parameters needed for the crop to grow effectively. Some agricultural robotics activities for agriculture include plowing, sowing, watering, weeding, harvesting, and separating food based on quality, packing and shipping. Agricultural robots can move on rough, uneven terrain and access and process even in shallow water.

Medical Robots could give a shock to the public but the medical robotics are already in use in the basic form Automated Patient care system in Japan take a one step ahead in the robotics research application. It tries to replace the need for healthcare professionals in drug delivery and patient parameter monitoring. Even some Medical Robots are in the research to do cardiac surgery, Neural surgery, and other high-precision needed surgeries.


  • Track 2-1Diagnostic Robots
  • Track 2-2Therapeutic Robots
  • Track 2-3Surgical Robots
  • Track 2-4Robotic implants
  • Track 2-5Helper Robots

The impairment or disability due to the trauma or congenital can be repaired or replaced with the robotic prosthesis are classified as Rehab robots. This is the only alternate, cheaper, and most reliable than the bio-transplants. Robotics has already made artificial hands and legs. Future research would lead to replacing bio-transplants with the mechanic-transplant of internal organs.


  • Track 3-1Augmented Rehabilitation
  • Track 3-2Robotic care taker
  • Track 3-3Artificial companion
  • Track 3-4Robotic prosthetics
  • Track 3-5Robotic implants

Nano Robots are the future hope to make the earth immortal by repair and replace and inhibits the damage from the Molecular level. Nanorobots can be used in the medical field to repair tissue and genetic grafting and others.


  • Track 4-1Nano cage
  • Track 4-2Nano vessels
  • Track 4-3Nano drug delivery system
  • Track 4-4Cell repair
  • Track 4-5Tissue mediated nutrition

Bio-inspired Robots are working models of animals and humans with mechanical counterparts. Bio-inspired Robots are used to understand bio-diversity with perceptive of animals and others. It is the combination of robotic technology and anatomy and physiology. Dogs to extinct animals can be made and analysed with the help of Bio-inspired Robots.


  • Track 5-1Robotic animals
  • Track 5-2Agricultural Robots
  • Track 5-3Ecological Robots
  • Track 5-4Octobots, Pluerobots
  • Track 5-5Cognitive robots

Sci-fiction comes true story is human-like robots are now half-ready. Humanoids walk, talk, remember and recall, and Human robots can get mad at you and show emotions and recognize emotions and even crack jokes. Humanoids are human robots that have been required in the field of continuous monitoring like traffic control to border defence.


Robonaut is the real-time replacement for human astronauts. Many countries prefer robots rather than humans for space research because human's needs for space travel are high while the robots are self-sustainable and easy to co-ordinate, move to the extended places where the human cannot go. NASA itself has used more than 36 Robonauts for its space research in the past two decades.


  • Track 7-1Sputnik to Astrobee
  • Track 7-2Remotely operated vehicles
  • Track 7-3Remote Manipulator System
  • Track 7-4Collaborative Robots
  • Track 7-5Space craft Robots

Deep underwater still remains a mystery to the world, Soon it will be revealed by our robots which can be used underwater or simply Marine robots. Nowadays marine robots are used for Navigation and exploration and the collection of samples from Ocean beds. Marinebots are well known for cheaper costs and are reliable in the temperature in the deep ocean.


  • Track 8-1Auto submarine
  • Track 8-2Sea bed robots
  • Track 8-3Crawling Robots
  • Track 8-4Floaters
  • Track 8-5Robot Fish

Human-Robot communication is just a piece of cake when we compare to that of robot-robot communication. Robots can communicate with other robots and transfer data and respond to it are quite common nowadays. This can be used in the vacuum robots in housekeeping. It also used in the defence and navigation techniques.


Robots that are used to work in different environments are called Field Robots they can manage to mobile even in dynamic locations. They are mainly used in space research, agriculture, and other non-industrial purposes. Field Mechatrons have also used in rescue and retrieve operations like the Nepal earthquake.


  • Track 10-1Agricultural Robots
  • Track 10-2Space Robots
  • Track 10-3Shipment Robots
  • Track 10-4Automated Vehicle
  • Track 10-5Surveillance Robot

Robots used for specific functions for mass production for a long time are called Industrial Robots. They do not require any special cognitive skills but the current safety needs create a need for the creation of robots with the alertness of surrounding and torsion and other workload-related analysis to avoid an occupational hazard in the industries.


The sky looks like just a gases mixture but it is well diverse than the earth. The sky is the skin of the planet.  Our human race has known just a little about the atmosphere and its layer. Aerobots can stay up to months and months on air observe and measure the changes with absolute precision. Due to this Aerobots are used for Meteorology. It also has applications in aerial defence and drone spy.


  • Track 12-1Balloon Robots
  • Track 12-2Glider Robots
  • Track 12-3Target detection robots
  • Track 12-4Spy robots
  • Track 12-5Meteorological robots

Tele-operation and Virtual Reality Robotics are not futuristic thoughts they are real now. No wires need to be attached to the advanced robots to communicate and control it. Telecommunication and further, virtually control the iron piece are also available. Human-robot interaction has been used for remote sensing and space research to collect samples.


Designing Actuators or controlled motors is the first and foremost challenge in the designing of robots because the RPM and angles determine the final function. Bionic end-effectors are used to do specific actions like move, grasp, hold, and smash.


  • Track 14-1Actuator control
  • Track 14-2Freedom rule
  • Track 14-3RPM and angle Logic Array
  • Track 14-4Motor Selection Principle
  • Track 14-5End part selection and types

Robots are nothing but lots of motors and manipulators under the controlled logic to do the desired function. The movements of the motors and the end parts of cyber technology are controlled by the microcontroller and Microprocessor. This control of mechanobots helps to archive better accuracy and efficiency.


  • Track 15-1Voltage controlled motor
  • Track 15-2Computational control
  • Track 15-3Programme based control
  • Track 15-4Programming Language
  • Track 15-5Dimensions and aesthetic value

Robots are well diverse in nature, and it employees in almost every field. Intelligent machines are not just run by motors and wires. Cyberbots need parameters and an interactive program, Hardware to understand the environment. This understanding and responding is complex when it comes to accuracy and difficult works.


Nowadays we are having both Preprogramed Robots and Self Learning bionic persons both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Preprogramed Robots are used in industries to do the special function repetitively. Preprogramed Robots are employed in the car manufacturing industry, classification of product and packaging operations, and much more.


  • Track 17-1Line Following Robot
  • Track 17-2Assembly line Robot
  • Track 17-3Packaging robot
  • Track 17-4Industrial Robot
  • Track 17-5Robot toys

Fuzzy logic is the basics of the automation process they use if and else for the programming the robots. It cannot fulfil the current requirements. Adaptive Fuzzy logic and other algorithms are time-consuming and unreliable to apply in day-to-day applications. Upcoming research in automation programming logic is the only way to make intelligent robotics more cheap and accurate.


  • Track 18-1Self-initiated Learning
  • Track 18-2Genetic fusion algorithm
  • Track 18-3Hybrid fuzzy inference neural algorithm
  • Track 18-4Sigma network and Psi network
  • Track 18-5Animal Based algorithm

Robotics is not a new thing to the modern world the concept of robots date back to the 1956 and even now this field is so young and have a potential growth every year. Recent trends like Mechatronics driverless car, medical robots, Nanobots are some of the recent research trends in the vast robotics.


Err is human nature but, what about man-made cyber-physics. Seven prime errors in robots can cost lives. This risk must manage with great concern to avoid an unwanted accident in the working space. Risk Management also includes the take responsibility for robotics parts from the production line to the end recycling.