Data Science in Robotics

Data science is an important and valuable skill. With the advance in data science, the field of Robotics has improved to a great extent. Using data science, scientists need to improve predicting every action of a robot, and two, reducing the computational complexity in real-time vision tasks. The fields of data scienceAI, and ML are intrinsically linked to one another. Machines learn via advanced algorithms and perform specific tasks while simultaneously improving performance through experience with the help of data science, machine learning and robotics. Data science make robotics more advanced and more accurate.

Thus, Data Science, AI, and Robotics have some Symbolic relationship. Each section helps another section for enhancing and innovate new machine and technologies that will make our lives more convenient than ever.

  • Track 1-1 Deep learning
  • Track 2-2 Big data in Robotics and AI
  • Track 3-3 Data analysis

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